New series of dryers – Dragon Heart

winterspace, s.r.o. introduces new DragonHeart dryers to market

DragonHeart are fast portable dryers with extreme flow of heated air. The dryers are characterized by a solid riveted construction with an emphasis on the use of lightweight materials such as plastics and aluminum. When folded, the dryers form a compact unit the size of a conventional box, making them easy to carry.

DragonHeart_Glove dryer 12

Everyone who plays hockey will know the unpleasant feeling after putting on wet and sweaty gloves. Hence, based on the requirements of hockey clubs, we introduce a solution for our clients in the form of a portable turbo glove dryer DragonHeart_Gloves dryer 12. The device is primarily intended for drying hockey gloves during breaks between thirds. The dryer can dry up to 12 pairs of gloves in 15 minutesThese features make DragonHeart_Gloves dryer 12 a must-have tool for hockey teams when playing either home or away.









DragonHeart_Boot dryer 8

The performance of an outdoor profession in all weather conditions places demands on the equipment of working teams. Working in soaked shoes or gloves definitely does not benefit the work efficiency. Therefore, we introduce another member of the DragonHeart series – the portable turbo shoe and glove dryer Boot dryer. The dryer can dry up to 8 pairs of shoes or gloves in 30 minutesThe device is primarily intended for working teams in industry, especially in the field of: road maintenance, water management, forestry, construction,… With a maximum input of up to 1.6 kW, DragonHeart_Boot dryer 8 can be connected to an electric generator engine, which predestines it for use in the field, wherever the mains is not available.