Boot and Glove Dryers

Drygen are extremely efficient high-speed boot dryers.
Drygen O3
 are extremely efficient high-speed boot dryers with disinfection ozone unit.
Drygen Gloves is extremely efficient, high-speed glove dryer.
DrygenOne O3 is professional extremely efficient high-speed boot dryer with disinfection ozone unit with a capacity up to 84 pairs of shoes (depending on the variant).
DragonHeart are portable hot air turbo boot and glove dryers.

All type of Drygen boot dryers are standartly equipped with a system HANG AND PUSH. The system achieves energy savings with short and selective use of drying modules. The extraordinary air flow allows for fast drying, using either ambient or heated air. When connected to a Drying Controller (CDC) or Master Control Unit (MCU), a higher level of management, control and optimization of the connected devices is possible (applies to 4- and 8-pair boot dryers).
DrygenOne – boot dryer is equipped with a self-contained control software with auto-diagnostics, which provides a high variability of settings for drying processes, disinfection and other functions.
DragonHeart – portable shoe and glove dryers are designed for fast drying wherever it is needed, thanks to the extreme flow of heated air. They are characterized by simple operation – the “START / STOP” system and a compact shape for easy handling and carrying.

Smart solutions for automated and unattendet operation of drying and disinfection technological unit. Picto_SmartSolution