Ozone disinfection

Ozone generetors work for ozonization of spaces and they are manufactured as portable or wall mounted unit with a wide range of applications.
Ozone generator units installed in Winterspace products are designed to eliminate odors from various equipment – shoes, clothes and working tools and secondary odors in the room.

Ozone generetors are devices generating ozone from oxygen in air. In the place of its use active ozone kills microorganisms and breaks down molecules causing stench. Ozone eliminates the odor from source. It creates a hygienic space, air and surfaces. And what is really important – the ozone generator does not cover the odours, it eliminates them !!! Residual ozone after approx. It decomposes back to oxygen for 30 minutes. More info about ozone here.

Smart solutions for automated and unattendet operation of drying and disinfection technological unit. Picto_SmartSolution