CentralDrying Controller


Control unit for the management and control of installed drying and disinfection equipment.

Efficient use of energy.

Function and description of the device

The central control unit allows the control of drying and disinfection units. Used to automatically start drying and disinfection, creating an unattended client zone. It helps create energy-efficient and cost-effective units with Selective Drying.

The central control unit is made in 2 versions – as a wall-mounted unit (CDC_WM) or as part of a shoe dryer system (CDC_DP).

  • allows you to set 2 drying cycles (temperature and drying time, start time) and 1 disinfection cycle (start time and duration) for 24 hours / 365 days
  • function “Selective drying”
  • function “Manual Start”


Type Dimensions (W x H x D) Power
CDC_WM 16 x 35 x 6 cm 0,1 W
CDC_DP 10 x 148 x 7 cm 0,1 W