MasterControl Unit


Control unit for direct or remote depot management and control of all equipment installed in the depot or hotel ski room.

Use the benefits of a software solution.

Function and description of the device

The device has a high-quality 15 ”touch screen from ELO TOUCH SOLUTIONS, a back-up power supply and network connection for 48 hours after power failure. Furthermore, it has a special galvanically isolated HUB for up to 12 ski depots for control and connectivity regardless of location. The MCU is equipped with a dedicated PC on which a separate Smart Controll (SC_MCU) software is installed for direct or remote depot management and configuration. Smart Controll allows you to flexibly configure the delivered technology to take full advantage of each device’s functionality. WINTERSPACE hardware with full deployment features up to 27 still read parameters, allowing Smart Controll to handle even the most demanding client solutions. Smart Controll is extensible with Smart Depot – a multi-user server-client system and a Depot Map customized. Hardware of all devices brand. WINTERSPACE has a 10-year history of testing and stress testing in wet and aggressive environments..


Type Dimensions (W x H x D) Power
MCU 48 x 74 x 13,5 cm 50 W