exterior stands for skis with the option of adding advert panels

Let your clients spend their time without stress and restrictions. Increase the quality of the offered services and facilities of the centre.

Function and descritpion of the device

Exterior stands provide ski resort clients with the opportunity to conveniently put their skis away. The stands are designed and manufactured with an emphasis on safety in use – without sharp edges. GUUUGEL.

  • leaning of skis up to the height of 90 cm
  • easy installation and demounting – 4 parts and 12 joints
  • robust and stable construction
  • surface finish – zinc dipping
  • possible placement of a logotype (advert) on the side part of the stand
  • the stand can freely stand or it can be anchored to the ground
  • optional equipment upper advert panel


Main benefits

  • fast return on investments thanks to the advert surfaces
  • easy installation and demounting
  • long shelf life => zinc dipping


Type Dimensions (W x H x D)  Capacity (skis/poles)
ESS 175 x 110 x 105 cm  40/- pairs

Extra & Downloads

 Winterspace_2018_SK_ESS (PDF, 0.472MB)