13 years of progress – 13 benefits of drying

We have been engaged in the production of drying, disinfection and storage systems since 2006. Observations from our clients have not stopped over the years and neither has the development of our products. We strive to constantly improve our products so that they are the right choice for you, our clients and future clients. The DrygenOne / DG1 shoe dryer has also undergone a fairly significant change recently. As the name suggests, this is our top notch number one unit among the dryers. And after the overall innovation it is doubly true.

DrygenOne is the right choice for you, because:

1) it is compact
in the smallest variant, the DG1_160/h210 measures only 64 x 160 cm at a height of 210 cm, while it can dry up to 55 pairs of shoes.

2) can dry a large amount of shoes simultaneously
in the largest variant DG1_220 / h240, up to 84 pairs of shoes can be placed on the device.

3) there are many size options
we produce DrygenOne in 3 track depths (160, 190, 220 cm) and in 2 heights (210, 240 cm)

4) it dries quickly
thanks to the high air flow, it can dry shoes in 30 minutes.

5) saves electricity
at optimal temperatures it is possible to dry with surrounding air without heating, which represents a power input of about 0.4 kW for drying 55 to 84 pairs of shoes

6) dries efficiently
thanks to the electronic control, it can switch on drying only on selected arms, thus making the process energy efficient. For example, it is possible to dry the shoes only on two, five or seven arms, as required.

7) has a large range of drying temerature settings
it is possible to set drying temperature from 5°C to 50°C

8) has a large range of drying time settings
it is possible to set the drying time in range 5 – 180 minutes.

9) can store the most frequently used settings
up to 4 programs can be stored with arm selection, drying temperature, disinfection, drying time and start time, which can be set as a routine

10) has a new, clear and intuitive full-color display with control software
the setting is performed using the full color touch screen

11) the device has self-diagnostics
can control and evaluate the condition of fans, heating spirals, …

12) in addition to drying, it can also disinfect with ozone
there are 2 ozone generators in each device, so it achieves high ozone production. Ozone is the strongest natural disinfectant. It does not require any costs for the purchase of disinfectant chemicals.

13) it is a device with high variability  – settings, dimensions, functions that are suitable for all operations with the need for fast, efficient and economical drying of shoes