DG4, DG8

extremely efficient high-speed shoe dryer for 4 or 8 pairs

“I dry now, just what I need.”

Function and description of the device

They are the basic unit for the modular drying units Winterspace. The drying time is only 30 minutes (in normal conditions). They are equipped with energy-saving electronic control system “HANG AND PUSH”. The extraordinary air flow allows for fast drying, using either surrounding or heated air. The product has full software connectivity with WINTERSPACE smart solutions.

  • automatic control of the adjusted parameters
  • drying temperature from 20°C to 55°C (does not apply for Drying Controller)
  • drying time from 10 min. to 150 min. (does not apply for Drying Controller)
  • option for premature electronic switch-off of the dryer
  • option of supplying 3 dryers from one inlet
  • minimum losses in the hot-air distribution system


Type Dimensions (WxHxD) without heating/with heating
DG4 22 x 150 x 34 cm 20/540 – 680*W
DG8 54 x 150 x 34 cm 35/1080 – 1360*W

*depending on adjustment and temperature in the room



Every Winterspace drying system has an independent electronic control – the system “HANG AND PUSH”. The user turns on drying when they need it and the other parameters (temperature and drying time) are adjusted by the operator. The device turns off automatically.


Electronic control of drying

Every Winterspace drying device is electronically controlled; it senses and controls the adjusted temperature of drying. The drying temperature is independent of the surrounding air temperature. The electronic control saves energy and prevents the damage to the functional materials used in sports equipment.


Modular system

In practice, the dryers are installed as a modular system where the client starts only that dryer where they have their equipment. Energy-saving is achieved due to the short and selective operation of the dryers. Thus there is no unnecessary loss of energy during the operation of the whole drying system.


Additional accessories

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