DressingHockeyLocker Comfort


Comfort dressing box with a bench and storage space.

Professional dressing box for cloakrooms in ice rinks.

Function and description of the device

Dressing box for hockey players for the storage of casual clothes and the whole sports equipment with an upholstered seat and locker for valuables (for variant DHL C+).

BOX – upper part

  • bars for hanging skate
  • shelves for the storage of helmets, gloves and other equipment
  • lockable locker for storing valuables (for variant DHL C+)
  • bar for hanging the clothes hanger
  • stainless-steel bar for hanging towels
  • small hooks for hanging clothes


BOX – lower part

  • upholstered seat
  • space for the hockey stick
  • shelf for shoes
  • height-adjustable front feet


Main benefits

  • everything stored conveniently in one place
  • high-quality processing = long shelf life
  • a number of practical elements
  • possible of adding a drawer with full extension in the lower part of the box
  • easy operation
  • double surface protection
  • solid construction
  • possible various colour versions
  • possible various locks (for variant DHL C+)


Type Dimensions (W x H x D)
DHL C 80 x 194 x 53 cm
DHL C+ 80 x 194 x 53 cm with locker for valuables

Extra & Downloads

 Winterspace_2018_SK_DHL (PDF, 0.692MB)