HockeyPlayer Comfort+


high-speed drying storage locker for hockey equipment with the possibility of adding ozone disinfection

New type of lockers developed specially for drying hockey equipment. The whole eqiupment in one place.

Function and description of the device

  • the locker has a separate electronic control, the system “HANG AND PUSH”
  • extraordinaty air flow allows for fast drying by the use of ambient or heated air
  • minimum losses in the hot-air distribution system
  • automatic control of the adjusted parameters
  • drying temperature from 20°C to 55°C (does not apply for Drying Controller)
  • drying time from 10 min. to 150 min. (does not apply for Drying Controller)
  • option for premature electronic switch-off of the dryer
  • individual air tips for skates and gloves
  • perforated shelf for passive drying of helmets
  • special hanger for pants with spacers and small hooks
  • hooks on the doors and a stainless-steel bar for towels
  • aligned stainless-steel bottom of the locker, adjustable feet


 Main benefits

  • separate electronic control of each device “HANG AND PUSH”
  • energy-saving drying using the ambient air
  • extra fast drying with air heating
  • effective elimination of unpleasant odour using ozone
  • central control of drying units SMART SOLUTION


Type Dimensions (W x H x D) Disinfection/without heating/with heating
WCDL_HP_C+ 50 x 205 x 62 cm -/20/1080 – 1360*W
WCDL_HP_C+_03G 50 x 205 x 62 cm 50/20/1080 – 1360*W

*depending on adjustment and temperature in the room

 Extensions and accessories

  • possible addirional equipment ozone disinfector (about ozone …)
  • possible connection to the air conditioning system
  • possible connection to control unit Drying Controller  (CDC)
  • possible various locks
  • possible various colour versions (standardly RAL 5015 and RAL 7035)

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