Hokej pre všetkých

Hockey as a collective sport has been very popular in Slovakia for many years. It is played in the summer between blocks of flats with a ball, in the winter on any frozen area… Those who do not play, at least cheer from the comfort of their homes during the championships. Slovakia, as a small country, has achieved great success – in 2000 2nd place in St. Petersburg (with Captain M. Satan and head coach J. Felt), the greatest success 1st place in 2002 in Gothenburg (M. Šatan / J. Filc), a year later 3rd place in Helsinki (M. Šatan / F. Hossa) and after a long break 2nd place in Helsinki in the year 2012 (Z. Chára / V. Vůjtek ).

Those who are serious about hockey are training regularly. The term “regularly” means daily. For example, Jaromír Jágr, one of the world’s most successful hockey players, got his first ice skates when he was 3 years old. From that moment on, he says, he had been training every day for more than 40 years.

Of course, a hockey player needs quality equipment that will help him in his efforts, perseverance and tenacity. A functional and friendly locker room, well-dried ice skates will certainly contribute to greater comfort… That is why we have developed a special dressing hockey locker for storing complete sports equipment and civilian clothes. The novelty is a smaller box for children, adolescents and women and extra large box for goalman. The dressing hockey lockers can be made in different colors. We recommend using high-speed boot dryers for the locker rooms, which dry the skates within 30-40 minutes. Ozone disinfection boot dryers to remove unwanted odors are an ideal choice in this case. But by far the most comfortable solution is a storage locker with high-speed drying for complete hockey equipment, with the possibility of adding ozone disinfection

Whether you play hockey professionally, recreationally or just like to watch a good match, we can agree that hockey is our national sport. It is admirable that there are people who are willing to devote their time, energy, experience and finances to the development of new talent in Slovakia. We keep our fingers crossed for them and believe that our country will shine again on the hockey horizon.